Matte black. Custom door panel and transom. Call for a free quote anytime!
Deluxe frameless slider. Brushed nickel. Top notch..glides so nicely. Call for a quote anytime! 469.781.7675
Making use of a extra large 1/2” thick door that was made the wrong size πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ #coolofficedesk
Custom height of 86”..with shower guard added. Call anytime for a quote. 469.781.7675
Huge opening, 117” across. Came out perfect. Call anytime for a free estimate 469.781.7675
This is grey mirror we put under the stairway. Back to measure for glass enclosed going beneath stairs. It’s going to look incredible. Stay tuned!
Call for a free estimate anytime! 469.781.7675
This one came out perfect. The customer is so extremely happy with her extra tall 86” Frameless glass. Call anytime for free quote 469.781.7675.
No shower too small or too large. We do it all! Call for some $ numbers anytime! 469.781.7675
Huge side panel. Came out really nice. Have a shower renovation job going on or soon to be? We give free estimates! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Custom made! Fits like a glove every time! Call for a free estimate anytime 469.781.7675
Standard height 3 piece. Call for a free quote anytime! 469.781.7675
Very large panel, 60x83. Open walk in.
71” tall over tub. 3 panels and a 27” wide door. Customer loves it. Call anytime for a quote!
Cigar room. 176” across, 98” tall. Satin brass hardware. High end? Top of the line? Indeed. Call anytime! 469.781.7675
Frameless 80” 3 panels and a door.
Very large 1/2” thick panels, 86” tall. Open walk in shower. Customers ecstatic! Free quote..468.781.7675
Extra tall (85”). Call for a free quote anytime 469.781.7675
Huge panel (99”x71”) along with other panel and door. Customer loves it. Please call today for a free estimate @ 469.781.7675. Thx!
Installed this massive 1/2” thick panel today (90” tall/104” wide)..Only 425 lbs!! Call anytime for a free quote. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Wine display at β€œthe Tower Club” restaurant on 48th floor of thanksgiving tower. Gorgeous view!
Huge shower, 104” across. Custom fit 83” tall, fit like a glove. Call anytime for a free quote! 469.781.7675
3 piece oil rubbed bronze. Perfection every time. Call for a free quote @ 469.781.7675
Custom 72” tall shower door with extra tall β€œladder pull” style handle.
Custom 86” tall 3-piece Frameless. Call for free estimate anytime..469.781.7675
86” tall custom made door with 2 panels. Extra tall handle 12”. Need a quote or some layout ideas? Call or text anytime 469.781.7675
New shirts! πŸ˜ƒ
A simple 2 panel and door that allows the door hinges to be on the left side rather than the right.